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June 14, 2011

What Goes On at WCCO Newsradio?

Produced by Edgar Linares

On this episode of Downtown with Edgar I take you behind the scenes of the WCCO Radio Newsroom. I introduce you to Steve Murphy and Bruce Hagevik, two Anchors that have worked a total of 68 years for WCCO. We briefly stop at Target Field where the Twins play and the Metrodome where the Vikings toss the pig skin -- well not lately since the dome collapsed and the NFL lockout.

I would like to take a moment to apologize to Susie Jones and Samantha Smith. They are two great WCCO reporters who were gone the day I shot this latest video. They are both talented reporters and I enjoy working with them as well. I bet you'll meet them in upcoming episodes.

Now, I've been given a few suggestions on what to do next for Downtown with Edgar here in Minneapolis and St. Paul. One suggestion is eating a "Juicy Lucy". It's a burger that has a meat patty stuffed with cheese, sounds awesome! I've also been told playing a game of Lawn Bowling at Brit's Pub would be fun. If you have any suggestions please contact me, my e-mail is below.

Enjoy all my videos. If you're new to downtownwithedgar.com check out my archived videos on the section above marked "SideStreets".

Young Ed in High School

Why I Love facebook
Last week my friend Gina tagged me in these photos on facebook. It took me back to those great years when I was a hundred pounds thinner and had those boyish good looks.

These are photos of me in high school during my Sophomore or Junior year. I think it was 1994 or 1995 -- saying that sounds so long ago. We were part of the Granite High School student delegation at the Hispanic Youth Leadership Conference in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. My friend Gina snapped these photos while we were eating. Goodtimes!

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